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Feb 14
Handy news Started a bathroom remodeling in NorthEast, Philadelphia. Photos before and during process

Feb 13
Handy news Built wooden stillages in a garage

Feb 11
Finished plumbing work, South Philadelphia the last week. Done a lot of new customers.

Feb 1
Handy news Self-balanced robot almost finished! How I did it, follow Darina is making a bot

Jan 31
Handy news Done lighting system in a trailer

Jan 30
Handy news Started plumbing work, South Philadelphia

Jan 26
Handy news Finished a basement remodeling, the Center of the city

Jan 22
Handy news Have started a basement remodeling, the Center of the city

Jan 16
Handy news Finished a bathroom remodeling. West Philly

Jan 13
Handy news Some plumbing work. Fixing frozen and leaking pipes. West Phily

Jan 11
Handy news Some plumbing and carpentry work done today. And my heroic car came to life again!! :)

Jan 7
Handy news Finished bathroom remodeling, Philadelphia, PA

Jan 3
Handy news Finished pumps installation in a basement, Jamilson, PA

Dec 30
Handy news Some repairing work, Abington, PA

Dec 29
Handy news Plumbing work, Cherry Hill, NJ

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Handywoman, handy, Amazonia handyman, Philadelphia
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